Our models S and SM were not designed to clone or as a ‘drop-in’ for the Rem 700.

They were designed around the 308 Win cartridge family and, in the case of the SM, the HS precision magazine. (As used in the model 07 rifle.)

They are the same diameter, have the same action screw and bolt handle cut out position as the short Rem 700. However as they are a 3 lug design, the bolt turns through a smaller angle than the 700. The port is at a different angle and is physically smaller. The barrel thread is longer at 25mm, and the action is longer overall as well.

A Rem 700 stock can usually be altered in the recoil bar area to fit, but please note ‘USUALLY’, so ‘TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!’ (please note action footprint drawings are available).

The magazine action uses a single stack HS magazine, your stock must accommodate this system, and it’s floor plate furniture or equivalent, once again, ‘TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!’