Barnard Target Trigger

Produced in-house, this is a three-lever trigger, single or two-stage selectable by the user.

Billeted from quality steels, it contains no pressed steel nor any sheet metal parts.

Adjustable Trigger blade position and over travel. Trigger set for two-stage use as standard.

Barnard Target Trigger’s are very adjustable and have 3 available pull weight options dependent on the springs installed.

LightAdjustable from 10oz/250grams to 14oz/400grams.
StandardAdjustable from 17oz/500grams to 31oz/900grams.
HeavyAdjustable from 35oz/1kg to 53oz/1.5kg Plus

Light release weights are achieved with the use of the ‘Light’ version of trigger spring, which are popular for those competing in F-Class. These springs can be retro-fitted to an existing Barnard Target Trigger or supplied on order.

The Barnard target trigger comes standard with the following model actions:

  • Model P
  • Model PC
  • Model PL
  • Model PLM
  • Model PT
  • Model P-CHEY
  • Model GP

Please note the following:

  • We don’t supply the light version trigger with Model GP.
  • Some of our customers are using the P trigger at a 3/3.5oz weight. We do not recommend this practise.
  • The design of the trigger is such that it is safe in normal target shooting situations at a 10oz weight not at 3oz weight.

Barnard Trigger Instructions

This pdf Instruction manual is to assist the ‘able’ with the adjustment of their Barnard Trigger. The Trigger is fully adjustable so the shooter becomes the arbiter of safe use. Some information may be missing, please contact us if other information is needed.


If you need to change your trigger spring here is a video tutorial:

Swapping out Barnard Trigger Spring

If you have any questions regarding or products please check out the FAQ section or contact us directly. We are always happy to help.