Cleaning Rod Guides

Available for P & S Model Actions.

5.3mm or 6.8mm hole diameters please check your cleaning rod diameter before inquiring.

These cleaning rod guides enable quick easy cleaning whether it be at home or at a match. These rod guides have been designed to be used by simply removing the bolt. There is no other stripping of your rifle required. Manufactured from black Acetyl, they will cause no damage to your action or cleaning rod.

The idea of the guide is to provide good guidance through the throat by of the barrel by keeping clearance of rod to guide at a minimum. It is not unusual practice to drill out the front of the guide to allow the brush to be withdrawn further back, or to cut the front of the guide which does the same thing, and no doubt someone has drilled/modifies our guide to allow through access. I would suppose that through access is to help keep cleaning gunk out of the action, cannot suggest for or against either approach. Our goal is to provide guidance and protection for the barrel throat.

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