A frequent concern that we believed needed to be addressed is the strength of our striker springs. We often receive inquiries about our firing pins not striking hard enough to consistently ignite certain primer brands, more often than not this is caused by some underlying problem with the customers loading practice, as you are aware we have the FAQ section please read through and rule out any of the suggested issues before applying any of the below changes to the system.

Adding an additional washer or extending the firing tip protrusion can Improve the consistency however this does not always solve the issue, that being said a new Heavy Firing Pin spring and set kit with approximately 20% extra load force is now available for purchase.

The heavy springs specs are as follows:

Wire DiameterSpring IDSpring OD

There is a small trade off if you are seeking increased force from your firing pin. The extra weight of the spring does increase the feel and force needed to lift the bolt back into battery, and while light triggers do hold there is a small concern that some of the lighter set triggers and maybe the older, more worn triggers will have issues with the extra load. However, this can be corrected by slightly shifting the trigger to cocking piece engagement to match the timing of the action closer, reducing the initial overall load placed on the trigger mechanism during slam fire tests.

Please Note: We strongly suggest you have a gunsmith or person of necessary skills perform these modifications.

Safety is always the priority when making modifications to any firearm.

The new spring and kits will be available at the same price as the Standard Firing Pin System. The new spring will not be replacing the standard system. All actions will come with the standard spring installed unless prior request has been made.