Model S & SM Trigger Hanger

Our Models S, SM & SC actions are designed to use the after market triggers originally produced for the Remington 700 actions.

Due to the size differences between various triggers we now accommodate this by offering three hangers:

  • Jewel
  • Timney
  • Blank (Un-drilled to allow custom fitting of the desired trigger)

Note: the blank hanger should be modified and fitted by a gunsmith.

The hangers come with three 1/8″ diameter dowel pins. these are supplied long and with lead-ins/chamfers to allow you to use them as a temporary set up pins to attach the trigger to the hanger. make sure he hanger is the right way around when fitting. Some triggers may come with attachment pins ready to go, if not the pins we supply will need to be ground to width of the hanger.

Triggers are available from many sources these days. We mostly use Jewel and Timney in our workshop. For most Jewel and Timney like triggers the only work needed in fitting the trigger is grinding of the pins explained above and sometimes reaming the holes of the hanger and triggers for the dowel pins.

If you have any questions regarding or products please check out the FAQ section or contact us directly. We are always happy to help.