Barnard 10ss Rifle

A tactical style, single shot rifle designed by Steve Bartlett around our P-Chey action and 408 CheyTac case. It shares many of the Model 07 and model 10 attributes with the exception of the magazine and is now compatible with the model PL action by using a UHMPWE bedding packer.

This rifle was essentially designed to become a test bed for the in-house development of the P-Chey action. After much interest we are proud to present the Model 10 Single Shot.

  • The stock chassis is machined billet 6061 aluminium with a tubular fore-end
  • All Aluminium parts are protected by marine grade anodizing.
  • All fasteners are grade 12.9 cap screws.
  • Adjustable Cheek-piece.
  • Adjustable butt plate (custom fitted Pachmayar).
  • Comes with Butt-spike bag rider, 30 MOA Scope-rail and Barnard Target Trigger.

Available Accessories

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