In October 2013 we first had contact from Mr Alf Helland and Anke Brandt. We were very intrigued once we looked at their website, we saw that they do very interesting work with various firearms along with Anke Brandt’s very talented & beautiful hand engraving. What was even more interesting is that they were inquiring about our Model PLM action. This action was developed 3 years prior to this and was designed purely for use in our Barnard M10 rifle. We explained that having a magazine cut out in the action meant one of the mounting screws needed to be moved and the original Barnard Target trigger modified, because of this we knew that there would be absolutely no aftermarket floor metal that would fit this action. After discussing this with Alf & Anke they decided to go ahead with the PLM Action, we also appointed them as our distributor in Norway.

Since then we have been following up with the rifle build. I personally was very interested to see what they would be doing with the PLM Action. Especially because the amount of time that they spent on developing the rifle. The following 6 months was spent on working on the Rifle’s features that included the custom bottom metal for bedding the Action. It was mid Jun when we received an email from Alf & Anke with details of the build and some pictures attached, see pictures below.

With the PLM Action & Barnard Target trigger they combined a GRS Stock, barrel by Arthur Smith a Schmidt and Bender scope and a custom made thumb-operated safety which works in rain, sleet & snow and also the hand grip, magazine release latch and floor metal! To put the cherry on top Anke had worked some of her fine engraving into the rifle. For their full story click on this link. Below are some more pictures from Alf & Anke.